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J. Halden & Co. Ltd. Catalogue

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J. Halden & Co., Ltd., 8 Albert Square, Manchester
Factory: Rowsley Works, Reddish, Manchester

Note: As is common with early catalogues, the Halden catalogue bears no date. However, a pasted-in note states: "Owing to conditions brought about by the War ... ", and by the style of the illustrations and the prices this would have to be World War I. The catalogue also references the ABC code book, 5th edition, which was issued in 1901, with the 6th edition coming out in 1920. Based on this evidence, it's likely that the catalogue dates to 1914/1915.
Cover and Title Page
Cover Title Page
Planimeters and Integrators

Page 38

Levelling Staves
Page 56 Page 57
Page 58 Page 59
Page 79
Calculex and Slide Rules

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Page 88 Page 89 Page 90

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Page 91 Page 92 Page 93
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